Friday, July 6, 2012

Precious Metals Industry: Starting Small and Building Big

While as a graduate student working on my MBA in health administration at the University of Phoenix flex-net program, I had attended classes online and at the university only on weekends. The curriculum was quite intense. Not only did I like this format, but I had access to their online library. Needless to say I spent most of my active hours writing business reports relative to hospital fiscal policies. However, when I had free time I would do alternative business research and peruse the Internet for hard-to-obtain information on precious metals which was not discussed, why

Since, graduate school is about having a better income, but working for an employer, I thought like an entrepreneur and started silver and gold investing. Because of my age at that time was 35 years; I would often buy silver and maintain at least a 70% - 30 %  silver-mutual ratio. As I matured and I am now over fifty I found the best Gold Reserve (my opinion) opportunity with this company where you can join for free. Before you decide to become an affiliate, the first lesson in joining any company is "who do you listen to as an expert?"

I first listened to Mike Maloney, the financial adviser to Robert Kiosaki. I was quite intrigued about his web site that I joined for free and created a video blog promoting his book regarding silver and gold investing. However, I did more research to collaborate and support Mike Maloney by writing and self-publishing an eBook on the history of silver and gold which is still sold on Lulu.

However, to be a big player you really need a large outlay of money to convert to silver and gold which I did not have at the time so I started perusing the Internet to find another" opportunity" that allowed individuals to come in low and  build big.

So instead of investing monies of $1,600 + for one troy ounce of gold, I invested one-tenth the amount or $160+. I simply did this for ten months to accumulate one troy ounce since Gold continues to increase.

Where I was able to do this partitioning on a consistent basis is through a company operated by Reed Larsen, CEO of American Gold Resevre (ARG). However, I did not join for free till I learned the precious metals market from Mike Maloney and David Morgan another expert in the industry specific to silver bullion. If you have not read the previous blog, I urge you that you do so. Why?

Once I received this education for free, I was able to make an informed decision and I now have two web sites by Mike Maloney and the American Gold Reserve (AGR was previously discussed) that in an interview between Reed Larsen and David Morgan the editor of the Morgan Report on Silver; I made the decision to take action and I am now a silver and gold investor. Through this vehicle I was able to finish and be awarded the MBA from the University of Phoenix and the investments have helped with constructing the PyramiTroniX Resonator.

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