Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gold Reserve Matrix and Due Diligence

There are many opportunities for individuals to invest To become an Affiliate and secure your position in your Sponsor's 3x9 Matrix, you must FIRST introduce two new Customers to AGR (in all but 2 states, one of them can be YOU!).

Following a single purchase by each of your Customers (your first two Customer purchases), you will be eligible to earn commissions, bonuses and overrides starting with the next purchase by one of your Customers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A large part of the Reward System involves a 3 x 9 Matrix, which means that there is always the possibility that Affiliates above you in the Matrix can enroll new Affiliates under you, in one or all of your three front-line positions. If you would like to fill those positions yourself, you should therefore move swiftly!

ONE MORE NOTE: If one or more of your front-line positions are filled by "spill-over" from above, and you are not able to place your own personally-sponsored Affiliates into those positions, NO WORRIES. You have the potential to earn 3 generations of matching paychecks based on your sponsorship tree. So, no matter WHERE your personally-sponsored Affiliates fall into your Matrix organization, you still have the potential to earn up to a full 50% matching paycheck on that affiliate's entire personal 3x9 Matrix!!

From here, you can either Place an Order, Create your Auto-Ship Profile, Login to your Backoffice, Add a New Customer, or Enroll a New Affiliate.

When you join for FREE and order your Gold Reserve opportunity you will become an Affiliate by default and will manage your Affiliate Marketing System as three replicable webs sites: your capture page, personal, and corporate web sites.

To join you will need to have a sponsor. My name is Raymond W. Ebbeler, the White Hat Specialist. Here are my capture pages, personal and corporate web sites to get you started. Then simply purchase your part of the solution to the $14 trillion + deficit that the Federal Reserve a tax hedge against hyperinflation. Go and purchase my eBook at (see home page) to learn different strategies for promoting a Gold Reserve awareness.

Your three replicable web sites when you join me will now have your exclusive information: your capture page, personal nd corporate web sites (FREE). however you need to be a product-of-the-product and purchase your gold and then sign up two others (friends, relatives)...

The next web site is your back office with your personal information for you to manage your downline. The personal replicated website that you will automaticalyl receive to start promoting to others will also be your for FREE.

Join now for FREE, then decide how much you want to spend regarding your gold purchases as a tax hedge since fiat money will be created by the Federal Reserve which will become a hyperinflation. Here is a sneak preview of the back office...

Why Gold Reserve

When you enter your information on the capture page you become an Affiliate with your own capture page to start promoting for you the same Gold Reserve opportunity. You will then receive your personalized (back office) and allows you too start managing your downline via those who join under you. The 3 X 9 matrix is the first Gold network marketing opportunity.

You need to recruit yourself by purchasing gold then sign others who will purchase through you for you to receive a commission then as you create momentum you will start to receive a "residual income" that is 9 levels deep.

Finally by joining for free you can recruit individuals by promoting the corporate web site to automatically sign up a new prospects by either post card, fax documents, or other means. I listed my Gold Reserve opportunity on my thirty + web sites and ping the web sites to 1,000 ping sites (join me and I will exclusively teach you how to do this to explode your Gold Reserve business: win/win/win).

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