Monday, July 2, 2012

Virtual Co-Operative Networking and Funded Proposals

White Hat Publications announces their Virtual Co-Operative Network as a solution for Brick-and-Mortar companies to embrace the Internet. This blog is about creating value through eCommerce. Profiled in this blog is eBooksBuxOnDemand an online registry founded and operated by Raymond W. Ebbeler (under construction).

As CEO of the parent company, White Hat Publications, an eBook Publications firm with access to over 100,000 eBooks and 35,000 online entrepreneurships --- is poised to release their free CD to introduce to brick-and-mortar companies a cost-effective solution for starting an e-Commerce division as a Virtal Co-Operative Network (VCN). As a Virtual Co-Operative Network, brick-and-mortar businesses can participate in enhanced profitability and revenue sharing through multiple income streams that are commission-based compensation plans that are implemented through Internet marketing objectives: affiliate and network marketing.

As a Virtual Co-operative Network an autonomous association of online businesses can be exchanged for their economics as mutual, social, and cultural benefits. White Hat Publications is a Virtual Co-operation Network to allocate resources for eCommerce. Thus various aspects regarding co-operative enterprise is the purpose of this release to announce advanced co-operative economics.

 eBooksBuxOnDemand's Mission and Vision Statement

The mission of eBooksBuxOnDemand is to shine the light of truth on the darkness of fear, deception and coersion that plagues our modern society. By offering information, resources and conscious solutions to small, intermediate and large brick-and-mortar businesses as an awareness for critical forward thinking that can enhance a business' bottom-line.

eBookBuxOnDemand envisions a world where brick-and-mortar business become a virtual co-operative through virtual ventures and virtual strategic alliances.

From its inception, White Hat Publications promotes eBooks embedded on CDs as "funded proposals" for brick-and-mortar companies to integrate as software solutions that promote other people's minds, media, and millions (OPM3) as a collaboration of financial eBooks and eCommerce web portals that brick-and-mortar business' can capitalize as Internet marketing strategies.

A funded proposal is vital to the success of a brick-and-mortar company to attract more qualified leads, to reduce the overhead cost of advertising their product / service as "incentives" for generating immediate profit -- a sales funnel to generate leads and endless business growth as a cost-effective solution.

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