Thursday, June 28, 2012

Using A Virtual Office and A Real Time Demo

As an online entrepreneur I have found a solution to running any Internet business on autopilot. You see although much of today's business happens in traditional offices -- a brick-and-mortar business which is a physical building to house work spaces to which employees commute every work day...

a cost-effective and time-productive solution is using a new business model that accelerates the law of attraction. This blog will discuss advances in science and technology regarding customer interactions, suppliers and advertisers services who all go to that a particular location to get or deliver goods and services online.The innovative business model works, because it involves less time and effort.

Definition of a Virtual Office

A virtual office is a work environment with some equipment and telecommunications links but no fixed office space. Workers, who may be scattered across the United States or even the world, communicate with each other and with customers and suppliers through technologies such as the internet and phone. They rely on mobile devices such as laptops and cell phones and may never physically meet one another.


Because a virtual office requires no physical space, it is cheaper than a traditional office due to the lack of overhead. Communications bills may be equal or higher for the virtual company. However, gone are the costs of renting or buying a building, maintaining it and providing furniture and services for onsite employees and customers. A virtual office can also save on tax burdens by hiring independent contractors, who are responsible for their own tax payments.Listen to a pre-recorded message that addresses taxes or create your own. The two-step process are provided for you to do a live demo in real-time.

Step I: Voice Mail settings

DEMO: Whenever you're away from your computer, use your phone to dial into the Prosperity Central phone system and follow these simple steps:

    Call: (916) 233-3539
    Enter your voice mail number: 69238
    Enter your PIN: 9412# (edit)
Once you're in, the system will guide you the rest of the way.

Step II: Extensions

Receive a free tour of a virtual office in real-time.

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