Thursday, June 21, 2012

Time-Money-Freedom Is Based On Residual Income and Multiple Income Streams

This blog discussion is about participation in a new joint venture one of many gold nuggets featured in this section of my writings. Why, because, a new and brave world is not just in surviving what I call disillusionment because of a system that is flawed: economically, politically, socially, and spiritually, but central to the disillusionment and despair is deliverance. Not deliverance from evil but deliverance from life -- the "old life" to keep an open mind and accept a "new life."

What will transpire as you read this blog is "how committed are you?" to changing your lifestyle...WHY? Because you are at the center of the universe/cosmos; and that the law of attraction is not a metaphor, but something that is real and within your grasp. It has been said that "success is a decision away" as said by Kevin Trudeau at a secret society meeting in a three-day "law of attraction" conference. from this I learned that we are continuously endowed with abundance from our creator.

From the conference that I could not attend but received the free MP3 as a member of the secret society, Global Information Network (GIN), I became one of the privileged because of membership; another Law of attraction secret is...

"You become what you think about all the time"

I received "clarity" to start joint venture marketing campaigns to get individuals involved who desire to challenge their monthly obligations to the utility company, the water board, the car manufacturer, the telephone company etc. as the status quo who have enslaved them from the very beginning.

Previously, Nikola Tesla had a desire to give free wireless. However, J.P Morgan (financier) destroyed him in the end along with Thomas Edison (inventor: DC electricity) who were opposed to Tesla (inventorAC electricity). Nevertheless AC electricity is what powers most our electronic devices and Tesla's inventions have flourished and humankind has endured.

During that time the status quo was challenged by Tesla. Similarly, we must challenge the status quo. Why, it is our birthright to take back what is really our own. So with this thought, I put out a thought-form to the universe and in return I was given a resolution: In a flyer that I place on the windshield of automobiles I accelerated the law of attraction through creating hope of which individuals can have if they look for something better. That means of course leaving one's comfort zone to explore new possibilities.

I became a fisher of men and women and recruit individuals based on a past-present-future situation / objective. Here is the flyer without graphics.


Dear future millionaire:

Over the years you probably have paid your share of hard earned money to the utilities company, telephone company, your mortgage banker, etc. While paying these as services rendered and as a tax payer. However, if you had tabulated the money that was paid to these government institutions and agencies you could have probably become a millionaire more than once. Let's find out if that assumption is true based on the following numbers and data projections (conservative). If you earn an income of $25,000 annually, and you are paying your mortgage of $900 for a three-bedroom home; and a typical electric bill for a family of four is $400; not to include telephone, and maybe monthly car payments...well ?

So what is your positive cash flow? In other words, your discretionary or disposable income?

Have you pondered that question? Especially before April 15, ___WHY? Because what if you could eliminate your fixed overhead expenses. Let's say that you want to work smart and not hard... The question now I have enough money? start a business from home?

Before you even start; to make that life-changing decision, you must L EARN one TRUTH. You will NEED to be a self-leader to forget and leave the government behind...

You will then HAVE FREE WILL to start living the life YOU were meant to live.

DO not blow your mind...over this revelation... because the TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!


By actually crunching numbers that a data analyst does daily, one can see a scientific formula of your annual income as a 40-year projection relative to your fixed expenditures (conservative estimates).

For a family of four with two-income earners in the family (both parents) each receiving an annual salary of $25,000 (gross income: before taxes); even with two salaries that add up to $50,000 you are still taxed...and overhead payments continue each month caused by the utility company, telephone company, mortgage bank, etc. This projection does NOT include clothing or entertainment expenses (those are luxury expenses in my opinion). Also your vehicle is paid off or you have another means of transportation just to go to work each month for continuing a 40 hours - 40 year retirement plan which IS really not secure because companies are now downsizing,

White Hat Publications 2228 18th Ave SW Largo, FL 33774 888-888-9802 X 69238

The Value of Time and Money

$50,000 / 12 months = $4,166 / month $4166 - 400 (Utilities) $3766 - 900 (Mortgage) 2866 $2866 - 40 (Telephone) 2826 NOTE: Excluded are food, clothing and other monies spent indirectly as essentials. Your discretionary income is now approximately $25OO / month. Now multiply that number times 40 years based on the 40-hour-40 year retirement schedule...your age is 25 years old. $2,500 X 40 years _____________ $1,000,000 Congratulations YOU are a millionaire; it only took YOU 40 years working at a job that YOU probably do NOT like...

My name is Raymond Ebbeler, MBA. I am here as your millionaire mentor and for YOU to cut through the bureaucrazy which IS preventing YOU from achieving your millionaire status. First and foremost, I am a success-life coach and I am involved with the Internet. I am both a messenger and participant...a catalyst, if you will. Are YOU Ready for change??? As an eBook publisher, editor, inventor, and investor; I have a positive cash flow of $5,000,000. I am involved with the Internet...and my myriad of web site(s) alone are worth that amount

I desire to generate more this year. ...and so should YOU. Do not allow analysis paralysis to set in...How? By creating leverage using geometric progression and receiving a residual income. Why? Because the 40-years that it will take YOU to become a millionaire will be reduced through multiple income streams in less than three years. WHEN NOW receive your FREE CD the key is ten web sites and accelerating the law of attraction (the author's invention).

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Of all potential ten incomes circle one or all and I will get YOU the details for YOU to start earning more in a month that it takes for YOU to earn in a year...and YOU can take that to the bank!!! Send your selection(s) to: White Hat Publications 2228 18th Ave SW Largo, FL 33774 727-608-0115 or 1-888-888-9802 X 69238 (24 Hrs)

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